Call for papers at launch of CeNMaS

Another composer event taking place at Sheffield University:

The Centre for New Music at Sheffield (CeNMaS) is pleased to announce the call for the Sound Agendas Composers’ Conference 27th-29th April 2018 open to composers in and outside academia.

Presentations are invited in the form of:

• a 20-minute Paper with or without slides/audio/video/handouts (submit a 300-word abstract)

• a 5-minute Point-of-View with optional a single slide (will be grouped with other contributions and into a discussion session – submit a 150-word summary)

• a Poster with audio/video (submit a 150-word description)

More information can be found on Enquiries should be addressed

We look forward to reading your submission and/or welcoming you to Sheffield for this exciting weekend dedicated entirely to matters of current concern to composers and composition.