Winner at SYNC2018 in Russia!!

I am delighted to announce that I have received another prize at SYNC, Russia, as Winner of Degree II (Electroacoustic Music) in Category B (professionals) SYNC2018. The prize is for my latest piece – Helix: Circle of Fifths – which was finished but a few months ago. I shall post an excerpt on here soon. I am delighted to share the prize with my long-standing friend and colleague, Felipe Otondo, and his piece Night Study 3. 

Ténébrisme Launched

I am delighed to announce that Ténébrisme – my new solo CD on the empreintes DIGITALes label is now out, and available to buy. The CD was officially launched during L’espace du Son, Belgium, and received a subsequent UK launch during Sound Junction last weekend. Copies can be ordered here. 

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Honourable Mention in Beijing

I am delighted to announce that my piece, Would be to Seek, received an honourable mention at Musicacoustica in Beijing. The event – one of the most important electroacoustic festivals in China – has been running for 20 years, and it is very exciting to have featured in their competition for the first time.


L’espace du Son – Jury

Once again, Annette Vande Gorne’s L’espace du Son turned out to be the highlight in my acousmatic calendar – her concerts are always outstanding, with so much attention paid to sound, light, and the audience. It was a great pleasure and an honour to serve on the jury for the international composition competition Metamorphoses.


From left to right:

Lin Shen (public prize), Stephan Dunkelman (Jury), João Pedro Oliveira (Jury), Francis Dhomont (Jury), Roeland Luyten (public prize and First Prize from Jury), Benjamin Thigpen (Jury), Adam Stanović (Jury), Nahuel Eduardo Litwin (Second Prize from Jury).


Performances in Taiwan

I am delighted to announce that Minutiae and Metallurgic will be performed in Taiwan, during the WOCMAT festival in Dec 2018. The festival looks very interesting, combining both pieces, papers and a whole host of different events. For more information, visit: here.