Lecture at New England Conservatory

Yesterday, I visited the New England Conservatory, Boston, where I gave a lecture about my recent compositional activities – in particular, my new piece ‘Ten Billion’. It was wonderful to see the various different NEC buildings, and concert spaces, and to meet some of the composition students. John Mallia, who kindly invited me, was a wonderful host and it was great to spend time discussing composition with him.


Lectures at Harvard

During a brief trip to Boston, I delivered two lectures at Harvard University. The first concerned my compositional interests, and the second particular methods for realising musical ideas. It was wonderful to meet both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and I am grateful to Hans Tutschku for hosting my visit.

Harvard music-building

Ten Billion

I have just finished a 40-minute work in 10 channels of audio… It is called ‘Ten Billion’. A short stereo excerpt can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/adam-stansbie/ten-billion-excerpt

The programme note is:

Ten Billion

The United Nations recently predicted that the world population will exceed ten billion by the year 2050. If this prediction is correct, a staggering population boom will occur over the coming thirty years, at a rate never previously witnessed by mankind. This piece responds to the mind-boggling number, ten billion, by giving it a sonic form. Each tiny microsound, or grain, represents one person and, taken as a whole, they number ten billion. The piece is composed for 10 loudspeakers, at the studios of Bowling Green State University, USA. I am extremely grateful to Joe Klingler, for funding the Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency (KEAR), and staff and students at Bowling Green for accommodating my visit. Special thanks go to Dr. Elainie Lillios who worked extremely hard to make the residency happen, and was exceptionally helpful and kind throughout.

Ten Billion is dedicated to my wife, Inja Stanović.

KEAR Lecture – tomorrow

For the past two weeks, I have been resident composer at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, after winning the Klingler ElectroAcoustic Residency. I am delighted to announce that tomorrow evening, I shall be delivering my KEAR lecture, during which I shall discuss and perform a new, large-scale for 10 channels. I shall post excerpts on this site at some point very soon. I am extremely grateful for the generosity, support and help of Dr. Elainie Lillios, who runs this amazing residency programme, and Joe Klingler, who very kindly funds it.

KEAR poster

New Journal Publication

I have just found out that my new journal article – on the digitization of music – has been published by the Swedish Journal of Musical Research. My paper starts off by considering the philosophical ramifications of digitization. It goes on to reconsider our understanding of recordings, and their relationship to performances/works.

The complete article is available here: http://musikforskning.se/stm-sjm/node/155

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