A PhD for Summers

I am extremely pleased to announce that my first PhD candidate, Mark Summers, has successfully defended his PhD thesis at The University of Sheffield. His thesis (titled: Augmenting an Improvised Practice on the Viola da Gamba) combined performance, composition, technology and philosophy, and was examined by external Prof. Jonathan Impett, from the Orpheus Institute in Belgium, and Professor Adrian Moore. Mark gave a wonderful performance as part of his viva, and enjoyed a lively debate about his two CDs of music and extended thesis. Well done Dr Summers!!!!!!!

Solo Concert at Fourier Festival

I am extremely excited to announce that I have a solo concert at the Fourier Festival in Vienna, hosted by The Acousmatic Project. I shall give the world premieres of two brand new pieces: Helix (stereo acousmatic) and Ten Billion (10-channel acousmatic). Before that, I shall give a talk on my compositional practice: Composing with Ten Billion sounds.

The festival looks amazing, with performances by Annette Vande Gorne, and Beatriz Ferreyra!