EPOH in Harper’s Bazaar

Vishal Shah emailed me a few days ago from Dubai, to share photos of the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. To my surprise, our film EPOH (Vishal directed, I composed) is featured in one of the reviews; it has been on a month-long screening in Dubai. Here are the images:

Honorary Doctorate for Chris Watson

A few months ago, Adrian Moore and I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Watson, when he visited his home town of Sheffield to receive an Honorary Doctorate from our university. Chris (Dr. Watson) visited our department with his lovely family, and spend a little time listening to pieces from PhD students in our department. Here is a nice picture of Chris, Adrian and me outside the Sheffield SoundHouse:

Concert and talk in Linz

I have just returned from Linz, Austria, where I gave a concert of my own works, alongside those of my PhD students and my colleague Adrian Moore. I was the guest of Andreas Weixler, who has realised brilliant facilities for electroacoustic music at the Bruckner Private University and was extremely generous with his time and efforts to make the visit a success.

Prior to the concert, I gave a 90 minute talk on sound diffusion, which included some discussion of what diffusion is, why it is used, and how we might genuinely understand aspects of diffusion in similar terms of musical performance elsewhere.

Talk and Concert at DMU

Last week, Adrian Moore and I gave a talk and concert at DMU, Leicester. The talk – which was shared – included a discussion of our recent research into the performance of acousmatic music. The concert was a lot of fun – strangely, it is the first time that Adrian and I have shared a concert in our six years of working together.

Below is a nice photo that James Andean kindly took – not only does James need thanking for the invitation, I’m happy that he has provided irrefutable proof that I didn’t play too loud (look carefully…):

Performance at Diffrazioni

Would be to Seek is to be performed in concert at DIFFRAZIONI 2019, Florence. It has been scheduled during the Multimedia Concert III on March 27, at 05.00pm. The venue of the event is the Concert Hall of Le Murate.Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Piazza delle Murate, Firenze. The Diffrazioni team were extremely kind and thoughtful in their selection of this piece, and I’m enormously happy to be included in the programme – particular thanks go to Alfonso Belfioire for his kind support.