Review of World Music Days/L’espace du Son

World Music Days and L’espace du Son received a surprisingly mixed review from Mouvement – a French magazine. The review, which highlights various ostensible cliches in contemporary music, contains the following paragraph about the concert that I was in:

“One of the most important events at L’espace du Son (especially in time: more than two and a half hours of music) this year was the selection of acousmatic music for World Music Days. The programme showed how the cliches mentioned above are rife in contemporary practice, whatever its origins. However, amongst the two parts of the programme, some stood out: the bustling Escapade by Englishman Adam Stansbie, the humourous Rhizome by Danel Perez, the Mysterious Barricades by Antonio Ferreira, Gallivanting by the Irish composer Donald Sarsfield, who creates a musical discourse with potetic texts, and especially the admirably Urban Adagio of Franco-Quebecois George Forget.”

The full review can be found: here.

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