Recent talks

I’ve given a number of talks over the past few weeks and have a few more lined up.

Yesterday, I gave a brief talk about No Picnic: Exploring Art and Research – a book produced by academics and artists working in and around the University of Sheffield. Details about the book can be found here:

As part of the same ‘in the city’ programme of events, I shall be talking at plastiCities symposium on Tuesday 3rd June: – my paper will consider sound art as a plastic artform which may, in various ways, reflect and address the modern city.

Finally, I shall be talking at the Fifth International Symposium on Music/Sound Art: Practices and Theories in Karlsruhe, Germany – 26th – 30th June 2014. My paper is called The Sonic Art Type: a conception of works, performances and interpretations. Details can be found here:


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