Piece and Paper in Korea

In recent years, the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society’s (KEAMS) Annual Conference has become one of the most important events in the region, bringing together academics from Asia and further afield. This year, the conference coincided with the Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF) – one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia, which is now in its 20th year. This year, I was very presented to present at both events. I addressed the KEAMS conference via Skype, giving a paper titled: Between Plasticity and Performance: an ontological account of electroacoustic music. The paper explored the relationship between electroacoustic music, the plastic arts and the performing arts. By considering the nature of this relationship, I suggested that electroacoustic music occupies a curious position between the two, being characterised by both plasticity and performance. Escapade – a stereo acousmatic work – was presented in concert at SICMF.

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